Social media is an incredibly complex world. Our social media services will help you navigate your way through.

Social media is imperative for promoting your business online. Not only does it give you a marketing platform, but allows you to converse with a wider audience, provide exceptional customer service and demonstrate that you are a forward thinking business – in touch with what is trending. At Union Empire we will only manage your social media accounts and create branded posts for your business. We are not a marketing company, but we have the skills and expert knowledge to reach and grow your business using the complex tools available to us. We respond to your queries and grow your follower base through organic and paid advertising. This saves you time, builds your brand online and frees you to do what you do best – run your business!

Here is what we can offer you!

Daily Social Media Posts

We will become an extension of your business, publishing daily social media posts on your behalf so you can concentrate on the real stuff.

Social Page Optimisation

We will update your business page so that your profile images and bio sections are professional and consistent.

Advertising Campaigns

To compliment your social media campaigns we encourage Facebook advertising to really engage with customers.

Monthly Report Updates

We generate full reports, giving you details on what’s been happening each week with a breakdown of all our activities.

Social Media Strategies

We work closely with you to tailor a plan that works best for your business based around your needs and feedback.

Targeted Social Growth

We monitor and manage your accounts to grow and maximise your online presence. Helping you to build your brands.

We can setup, manage and create paid advertising for all of the five major platforms

Here are the five platforms that we work with. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising Vs Organic Advertising
The Benefits of Paid Advertising

When companies pay for advertising, they can better control what information gets out and who it reaches. Companies can select the information they want to spread about their products. This allows companies to effectively create images for themselves and invent themselves as brands.


Paid Advertising Vs Organic Advertising
Benefits of Organic Advertising
One of the benefits of organic advertising is that it is inexpensive or free. If a company can mount a large word-of-mouth campaign, it can spread information about its products at essentially no cost. Additionally, consumers may feel less like they are witnessing a sales pitch and more like a friend is recommending a product, potentially increasing the likelihood that they try it.