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How to enable ‘dark mode’ in 10 popular mobile apps

In the past year or so, several apps (and even entire operating systems, like macOS Mojave) have gotten a feature typically called “dark mode,” which is essentially a new color scheme with light text on a dark background.

We’re still waiting for some major platforms to get a dark mode — Android is nearly there for example — but you can already get it on a number of popular mobile apps, including YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more.

Now, it’s time to turn them all dark.



The world’s most popular video sharing app gave iOS users a dark theme in early 2018 and followed up with an Android version of the same feature in July 2018. Since YouTube is primarily about watching videos, dark mode fits perfectly; I’ve enabled it on all my devices and never looked back. To enable it on iOS, go to

Settings – Dark Theme.

On Android, the option can be found under

Settings – General – Dark theme.


Facebook Messenger

Dark mode for Messenger came out just days ago, and it’s still in a sort of beta mode. To enable it, you first must send someone the crescent moon emoji, after which you’ll get a prompt to enable the Dark Mode itself. It works on both iOS and Android devices, provided you’ve updated the Messenger app to the latest version. Facebook warns that there still may be glitches, but I’ve yet to find one.



Twitter has been on board the dark mode train for ages, and I applaud them for that. To enable it in iOS, go to Settings and privacy – Display and sound and enable Night mode. Alternatively, you can click on your profile icon in the top left, then the crescent moon icon in the bottom left. The process for enabling this feature on Android is exactly the same.


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