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5 Reasons Why Facebook Rules the Social Media World

To cite Mark Schaefer from an Ignite Social Media blog entry, that I likewise took part in: “It is anything but an online life stage. It’s a way of life. For many individuals, Facebook is the Internet. Settling on a decision to move far from Facebook is a great deal not quite the same as changing your image of breakfast oat. The passionate exchanging costs are tremendous. Indeed, I could make a contention that it is simpler to change your home than change your informal organization.”

1. Facebook is the Biggest

Facebook has the most clients of any informal organization at more than 900 million (August 2012) and should hit 1 billion before the finish of 2012. This is remarkable and makes it an extremely amazing worldwide system. Development will proceed, however will probably direct after some time.

Being the greatest methods additionally implies that a large portion of your companions are now on Facebook so moving to another informal community implies you should abandon them.

2. Time Spent on Facebook

In the US, individuals go through 6:33 hours out of each month on Facebook. Tumblr comes in second at 1:38 and Pinterest at 1:17 hours out of each month, however just has somewhat over 11% of Facebook’s overall client tally. Quite a bit of that time spent on Facebook isn’t simply latently expending substance, yet in addition sharing and re-sharing it as well. You can share words, connection, pictures, and recordings that you find on the web or transfer. You can share others posts on your profile, pages, and gatherings. A solitary bit of substance can be re-shared commonly by every client.

3. Everything Feeds Into Facebook

Most everything else you use in internet based life can channel into your Facebook account. Instagram photographs, Pinterest pins, and Foursquare registration, just to give some examples. You can likewise arrange Twitter to likewise post to your Facebook course of events each time you tweet for an additional presentation kick.

4. Individuals Get Emotional About Facebook

People have an affection/abhor association with Facebook. They use it throughout the day, consistently it appears. Furthermore, they get wrenched up on the off chance that they reveal another component or change. In any case, they generally appear to get over it and return more grounded than at any other time. The abnormal state of feeling that Facebook ingrains in its clients keeps them locked in.

5. Photograph Sharing is the Big Deal in 2012

Posting photographs, Liking, remarking, and re-sharing them is by all accounts the most well known movement of the most famous individuals. You realize who is well known on the grounds that their photographs and offers appear in your feed the most and the other way around. With Facebook’s securing of Instagram, photograph sharing will undoubtedly develop. Rivalry from Pinterest with its ubiquity will undoubtedly keep Facebook on their toes. See “The Facts and Figures about the Power of Visual Content” for more detail.

A few Tips

So you have your blog, Twitter account, Pinterest, Instagram, and the rest. Make sure to connection and channel every one of them into Facebook. Offer your substance and others frequently. Until something different goes along that changes the worldview once more, Facebook should proceed to develop and flourish in the realm of internet based life.

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